5 Best Advertising Agencies in New York City

New York City: the land of dreams and retail kings. New York City is famous for its skyscraper billboards and 24/7 advertising. Times Square is the perfect example of this, and if you have never seen it in person, trust us- it is as bright and bold as you see on TV. It might feel like your options are endless when scouring the Big Apple for the best ad agency, but let us help you weed out the great options from the not so great.
  1. Mekanism
  2. Mekanism’s creativity is unlike anything you will see in the marketing industry. Founded in 2003, they have worked their way to the top, becoming a true leader within the advertising industry and piling up award after award for their creative genius. If this gives you a hint, they describe their approach to building brands as “The Soul & Science of Storytelling”.

    They are one of the best- if not the best- advertising agencies in New York City because of their values and goals as a marketing team. Mekanism’s focal point is to communicate a brand’s vision and mission, capturing their ideas and spinning them into action, each concept backed by data and upheld with truth, integrity, and purpose. This speaks volumes as their client list includes HBO, Ben & Jerry’s, Peloton, Alaska Airlines, Facebook, and MillerCoors. Not much can be found about their pricing, but given their history, prepare to have a large budget ready for takeoff.

  3. Metric Theory
  4. Originally founded in San Francisco, California, in 2012, Metric Theory has since expanded to four other locations, New York City being one of them. A unique differentiating point for Metric Theory is their focus on data, results, and analytics. They take your advertising goals and create magic, providing the numbers to prove success. From search engine marketing to digital video, Metric Theory helps boost your brand to the top by relying on results and SMART goals.

    Metric Theory’s services are best for projects in the low-mid price range. So, if you are a solo entrepreneur or a growing small business, Metric Theory would be a great place to start- particularly if you thrive on data like they do. Several well-known clients they have partnered with include GoFundMe, Too Faced, FabFitFun, Winc, and Zenefits. Their total client roster tops 400+ so that listing is only a small sample.

  5. GoDiversity
  6. This independent advertising agency lives up to its name. GoDiversity was founded by a group of multicultural leaders who wanted to bring their talents, expertise, and passion to the forefront of the marketing industry, serving companies who care about diversity and inclusion of all cultures. GoDiversity’s specialty lies in Hispanic marketing, pooling together over 80 years of experience from their team members.

    What makes GoDiversity one of the best is their aim to provide a flexible service that any sized company can benefit from. New York City is known for its high costs, but GoDiversity’s pricing is affordable, ranging from low-high depending on your branded content needs. Digital advertising does reign supreme, but their talented team offers traditional marketing as well. Expect to find ad services, creative designs, direct response solutions, strategy creation, PR, and media planning- all tailored to reach a multicultural market. Notable clients include Cigna, AARP, Virgin Movile, and The Hartford.

  7. SmartSites
  8. While SmartSites is based in Paramus, NJ, they still happily serve the New York City area. Founded by Alex & Michael Melen (two brothers), they turned their passion for digital marketing into an award-winning business that has drawn clients from across the nation.

    You do not have to be a super-wealthy brand to collaborate with SmartSites. Pricing starts relatively low and increases to fit your project requirements. Their tight-knit marketing team works together effortlessly to bring your ideas to life as effectively, quickly, and affordably as possible.

    What makes them the best is their focus on each individual client. Prestigious publications such as Forbes, Bloomberg, NPR, and BusinessWeek have featured SmartSites to highlight their industry leadership and commitment to excellence. If you need it done, SmartSites can do it for you.

  9. REQ
  10. REQ has been focused on leading the industry in digital marketing and advertising since its creation in 2008. Their goal is to take your branded content viral by creating impactful campaigns and memorable messages while generating an impressive return on investment. Check out their website, and you can see for yourself.

    No matter your brand’s goal, REQ can provide top-quality solutions: brand strategy, data and analytics, advertising campaigns, media creation, reputation management, PR services, and brand community building. REQ touches on each critical aspect of maintaining a brand, which is why it made the list for best ad agencies.

    Gaining all that REQ offers comes at a price. This is a luxury, high-end advertising agency that definitely knows their value. REQ has partnered with massive brands such as eBay, Mastercard, Intel, PayPal, Disney, and MGM Resorts. If you are wanting to take your brand to the next level and do not mind dropping some cash, REQ is the best advertising agency for you.