5 Reasons Why Businesses Need To Use Stock Footage

Businesses cannot build their brand only on words. They must use all types visual contents, such as graphics, videos, and images to help to tell the story of their brand. Nowadays, video consumption is at an all-time high level, business marketers are getting creative with story telling in their promotional content with the help of stock footage and use videos in different ways to market their brand. There are many ways a business use stock footage for marketing and productions. 

Here are some common reasons why businesses should use stock footage for marketing their brand.

1# Stock Footage Saves Time

Everyone who uses stock footage for marketing, agree that buying stock videos is an incredible time saver. Stock footage is easily accessible, and if you know what kind of settings you need for your content, you can easily find anykind of stock clips at RawFilm. There are times when you can’t go out to shoot clips you need or you’re busy with something else. With stock footage you can get a clips you need and be more flexible with your time by editing or finishing your project.

2# You Can Tell The Story More Effectively

Stock footage is a great option you can use tell your story better, it can be used to fill in gaps in your project and still maintaining the quality. Ultimately, stock footage can help you frame your production and as a bridge from one scene to another it can give your production a sense of flow. Through range of clips available out there, stock footage can also assist in the story telling, from pan shots, wide shots, to extreme closeups shots you can choose any of it to give more clarity to your story and your audience can easily follow along with it.

3# Professionally And High Quality Footage

Fews years earlier, businesses was afraid to use stock footage in their projects because the quality of the clip will would negatively impact their final product, but things are different now. Quality of the stock footage is now very high, professional videographers use expensive equipments to shoot stock clips. You can even choose the Full HD (1920×1080 or 4K) resolution option for your projects. Each shot of high quality stock videos can seamlessly be incorporated into your projects.

4# Stock Footage Saves money

Stock footage can be both cheap and expensive, because of amateur film makers and videographers, there are tons of royalty-free clips that are also high quality and cheap. Many marketers, amateur film producers and even professionals like to use stock footage because it can be adjusted well with your budget. You can even choose royalty-free stock footage in high quality resolution with no budget at all! While many royalty-free stock footage agency do charge a fee, but it is going to be very less compared to filming the shot by yourself

5# Shots That You Cannot Film

What if you need a drone shot of the jungle or ocean, but you don’t have a drone to shoot it by yourself. No worry, because there are many similar shots available on stock footage libraries. Through the help of stock footage you can easily achieve those expensive, difficult or impossible shots within a small budget and tight deadline. Maybe you need to a shot of a wild or dangerous animal, like a shot of a great white shark in motion under water for your projects, you can’t just simply go and film it but you can still buy a stock footage clip of it and use it for your project.