6 Advantages of Using 8K Stock Video Footage

It seems like only yesterday tech gurus were pumping out 4K TVs and 4K video footage, but now, with an ever-increasing demand for quality, 8K has rained down upon us, blessing filmmakers and answering their prayers for more dynamic content. But, at this point in our digital development, is 8K stock footage actually worth it? Does it live up to filmmakers’ and film-watchers’ high expectations? We think so, and we will explain why. Read on to discover the powerful advantages of using 8K stock footage, and why it is so superior over the rest. Let us begin.

1. Affordable Stock Libraries

First off, producing 8K is more affordable than one might imagine. You can even find 8K stock footage for free at online video libraries like RawFilm. All of their free clips are available in R3D and CinemaDNG formats. In case you cannot find what you need, RawFilm will help you out. Now, I’m not trying to plug RawFilm, but they do have excellent paid subscription options for all the 4K & 8K footage you will need.

2. Future-Focused

Let us face it, 4K will quickly become obsolete as 8K takes its place. A short-term advantage of using 8K footage is staying ahead of the game, producing future-focused content. It will save you time and effort by creating high-quality footage now instead of having to reshoot/convert your video quality in the near future. Also, if you do not invest in 8K now, you will likely be stuck with lower quality content than the competition and fall behind in technological advancements. The future of film is now. Keep up.

3. Less Pixelated Noise

You know those grainy, pixelated looking patterns that make an image look less crisp? That is called noise, and 8K heavily minimizes it. It reduces the grain patters, magically creating a smoother, sharper, cleaner image that allows for dynamic focus. This process occurs because 8K footage contains more pixels than traditional 4K, capturing more details and retaining them when downsampling footage. Shooting in 8K and then converting to 4K will look much, much better than if shooting in actual 4K.

4. Edit Without Loss

One huge advantage of using 8K stock footage is painless video editing. You can reframe, pan, zoom, crop, resize, etc. without losing precious quality. There is simply more canvas (pixel) space to work with, which allows for easier editing and tinkering. For film editors who plan on doing some heavy work, 8K provides the reassurance that you will end up with a quality product once everything is said and done.

5. Extreme Color

Filming in 8K- or using 8K stock footage- opens the door for extreme color grading. It offers a dynamic range of color, picking up hues and lights that other qualities of footage cannot render. Color masters can work with any palette imaginable. This is a wonderful advantage for those who love to play with color, fine-tuning the lighting, contrast, gradient, etc. to perfection.

6. More Creative Opportunity 

The more you have to work with, the more creative opportunity you have. Working with 8K stock footage allows you to use your imagination and incorporate those amazing ideas seamlessly into your footage. 8K gives you the power to create extraordinary videos that will leave viewers speechless. It is also a great opportunity to build your portfolio, showing potential clients or collaborators that you can innovate and surpass expectations. 

Overall, there are enough advantages of using 8K footage to convert the most loyal 4K footage user. Now, using 4K is great in some cases, but showcasing your video expertise through the power of 8K will pay off and boost not only your skill level but also your reputation. If you are a filmmaker and want to develop your identity as an industry leader, go ahead and make the switch to 8K now.