The 5 Best Remote Collaboration Apps for Filmmaking in 2020

Filmmaking is a long-held tradition in the video media industry. Industry leaders everywhere are always in a race to produce the best content, often spending thousands of dollars to “get the best shot” on film. Creating the right edits and adding the right effects can make the difference between a subpar film and an outstanding film. There are many software options on the market, depending on if you want to go the paid or free route. To make your choice in software easier, we’ve compiled a list of the best five collaboration apps to use in 2020. These platforms are not listed in any particular order.

Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Key Features: intuitive color tools, cinematic editing tools, streamlined audio, sound mixing and refining tools, motion graphics templates, exporting to any format, importing of any format, customizable workspaces, destination publishing to social media platforms or FTP websites 

Price: Pricing is $20.99 per month or $239.88 per year. This price gives you subscription access to Adobe Premiere Pro CC only.

This made the list for top five filmmaking apps because it is a classic editing software. Notorious for its intense, detailed design features, it makes creating practically any form of media possible. This is not necessarily a tool that beginners can expect to be successful with on their first attempt, but with practice and research you can become a professional creator in no time. Adobe Premiere Pro allows you to share projects between accounts making it easy to collaborate.


Key Features: remote film review and approval, high framerate video streaming to multiple users at the same time, drawing tools for collaborative note-taking on each frame, 16k playback, true colors

Price: Enjoy a free 7-day trial. Paid options are available after the trial ends. Pricing ranges from $319 to $5,000 depending on how many users you add and how long you lease the product.

This is an award-winning software used by top film industry leaders across the globe. Pricing is a bit steep for cineSync because it is one of the most popular, high-quality filmmaking collaboration tools available on the market. Its detailed post-production features and exceptional playback quality speak for themselves.


Key Features: collaboration from any browser, direct voice-over, color correction tools, audio tools, capture video on schedule, subtitles and CC abilities, audio and video transitions, alpha channel overlays, publish directly to social media, 

Price: Pricing is not publicly available but requesting a demo will get you in touch with the Blackbird team for an accurate quote depending on your filmmaking needs.

Blackbird is a unique option for filmmakers because it allows fast, cloud-based video editing right in your browser. This software is recommended for short to medium-length films since everything comes together in your browser. Indie filmmakers would find this tool the best bang for their buck compared to cineSync. Another great fact about Blackbird is that they support sustainability with “ultra green” technology.

Studio Binder

Key Features: GPS feature, automatic weather updates, attach 10MB files to each call sheet, personalized call times and notes, scheduling, mobile responsive, set prep organization, script breakdowns, sharable calendars and tasks, file sharing, storyboards, film crew management

Price: There is a free option called the “free forever plan” that lets you manage contacts, add tasks, and prep unlimited call sheets for only one project. Individual plans range from $29 to $99 per month. However, if you pay by the year you earn 15% off. Company plans for agencies and production houses are also available and range from $249 to $1,499 per month.

Studio Binder was designed not just for filmmakers but also for photographers and other media agencies. Their product features cover every aspect of the production process, making this software an all-in-one project management tool that indie filmmakers or even large media enterprises could utilize for a smooth, intuitive workflow.


Key Features: remote collaboration, team member permissions,search and filter, project version management, fast upload speeds, cloud-based protection, custom presentation tools, file sharing with watermarks or expiration times, customizable interface, integration with Adobe Premiere Pro CC and After Effects, frame specific comments and annotations, team approvals and feedback

Price: Pricing for individuals starts as low as $19 per month

Similar to cineSync, Frame.io has established a reputation in the film and video industry of being the go-to choice among other competitive software platforms. According to the company, their software is used by industry giants such as Disney, Snapchat, BuzzFeed, TED, and others. This is a software that runs on the cloud, so your team can collaborate, view projects, and create magic from anywhere in the world. Frame.io also allows for better project management because special permissions for editing and reviewing can be assigned to each team member.