How to create a $100K video commercial for $100? Yes, you read that right.

All marketers know that there’s no better way to give your brand a voice and make it stand out from than crowd than using video. Every year brings new trends in the video industry, new types of videos are constantly emerging, trying to get viewers’ attention. 

But there’s one type of video that is always in high demand and never gets old: story-driven, high-quality productions. Take a look at this short story:

Looks impressive, right?

What do you think? How much did it take to produce this video? $80K? $100K?. There are 14 different locations, 16 different talents, not mentioning the whole crew. A single filming day with cinematic equipment costs you at least $5K (assuming a hefty discount and almost no crew). 

With RawFilm, you can get all of those clips for less than $100/month. Sounds mindblowing? 

Now, imagine what you can create for your clients! Having 8K files at your fingertips… the sky is the limit. Even if your final delivery is just HD, with 8K you can crop, zoom, reframe and do whatever you want – not losing the quality. [ https://www.red.com/power-of-red]

With premium stock footage from RawFilm, producing high-quality video ads is quick and not expensive anymore.

We give you much more than just random clips. Instead of losing your mind when browsing through millions of random clips, you can download full collections to tell comprehensive stories.  We thoroughly plan and produce our clips in the same way movies and TV commercials are created. Each clip is designed to supplement each other, giving you full creative freedom in crafting the desired narration.

Can you imagine wrapping up the set and starting the edit of your project with access to multiple camera angles and different actions? It’s exactly what you get at RawFilm, at the convenience of your desk. With one click, you can download all the preview files at once.

With RawFilm you can:

  1. Dramatically lower your video production costs
  2. Get new ideas and inspirations from our footage collections
  3. Create story-driven videos that stand out

What are you waiting for? Check out our breathtaking, story-driven footage collections and turn your vision into a beautiful tale ? https://raw.film