How to produce a high-quality YouTube commercial without leaving your home office?

Are you a marketer or founder looking for cost-effective ways to produce marketing content?

The COVID-19 crisis has brought one of the biggest shifts in everything we do and how we do it. Things are far from normal now.

All businesses are forced to come up with a totally new way of pursuing their core functions. Needless to say, it’s also a demanding time for marketers. All the current and planned campaigns need to be reevaluated so as to make sure they bring the highest ROI. Yet alone, in the current shelter-in-place order, need to be done from home! 

This new situation pushes us to come up with more creative ideas. 

While many actions are ceased due to high upfront costs or lack of logistics flexibility, brands still need to stay connected with their communities and promote to their target audiences. Constant communication with your current and potential customers is key. Actually, now is a great time to shine, as the overall ad spends are lower and it’s easier (cheaper) to reach your customers. Facebook CPMs are down 75% and Google Adwords is 50% less than a few weeks ago.

With that said, tools that help deliver marketing efforts for a dramatically lower cost and from the comfort of your home are now more needed than ever. 

This is probably going to blow your mind, but what if you could produce a commercial worth $100k, for less than $100 from your own home office? Yes, you read that right. 

To give you an example, here is what you can get done fully remotely:

You’re probably wondering… How it’s possible?

Well, it is, with story-driven stock footage from RawFilm.

All you actually need to do is to browse through RawFilm’s stock footage collections to get inspired and come up with a compelling story. Next, write a script yourself or hire a copywriter – you can do that using a freelancing platform like UpWork or Fiverr. 

When your script is ready, now it’s time to browse through Raw Film’s collections and pick shots that visualize your story. At the same time, order voiceover recording through VoiceBunny or other voice talent sites – in case you need one.

Sign up to RawFilm to have access to all the footage and download the clips you want. If you’re a video savvy person, you can practically edit the video yourself. Otherwise, just hire a video editor who will nicely put it all together.  The same goes for adding titles, effects and doing a final color correction – it can be done by one person or you can hire different people for each task if a project is more demanding.

With premium stock footage from RawFilm, producing high-quality video ads is quick and not expensive anymore!

Can you imagine wrapping up the set and starting the edit of your project with access to multiple camera angles and different actions? It’s exactly what you get at RawFilm, at the convenience of your desk. With one click, you can download all the preview files at once.

With RawFilm you can:

  1. Dramatically lower your video production costs
  2. Get new ideas and inspirations from our footage collections
  3. Create story-driven videos that stand out

What are you waiting for? Check out our breathtaking, story-driven footage collections and turn your vision into a beautiful tale ? https://raw.film