Top 10 Filmmaking Blogs & Websites For Filmmakers To Follow in 2020

Are you looking to improve your filmmaking skills? While it may be impossible to be on-set all the time, you can still learn the tricks of the trade from filmmaking blogs. Take your filmmaking expertise to the next level from the comfort of your own home. Filmmaking blogs are created to help newcomers thrive, experts share their pro tips, and for students to ask questions. We scoured the web and curated the top 10 filmmaking blogs and websites you’ll want to follow to help improve your filmmaking skills in 2020. Whether you’re already a pro, a freelance filmmaker, or just getting into the field, the 10 websites below are packed to the brim with helpful information to help you succeed. 

1. No Film School

Learn about the extent of the film industry without having to pay a steep college tuition. They offer tutorials, interviews with industry experts, equipment suggestions, and short films to help up and coming filmmakers learn all there is to know about making movies. This is an incredible tool for anyone new to the film industry, didn’t get accepted into film school, or can’t afford the tuition. As the name implies, you don’t have to go to film school to learn about movie-making. No Film School has climbed its way to the top by providing readers with exceptional content every day. Content creators at No Film School seek the best content on the web for camera and business advice, visual inspiration, reviews, and so much more. 

Upload Frequency: 6 posts per day

Link: nofilmschool.com

2. Premium Beat

Do you want to add a free soundtrack to your film? Premium Beat has a vast selection of high-quality, royalty-free music to add to your movies. Use Premium Beat for sound effects, videos, shorts, apps, games, YouTube videos, TV, and more. They do offer much more than just free music downloads; while you’re on the site, be sure to browse through the video production section to learn new tricks and skills. From video tutorials to learn all there is to know about cinematography, to blog posts about which camera lens is best, Premium Beat has you covered. Plus, they’re extremely active, expect to see new content each day on their blog. 

Upload Frequency: 2 posts per day

Link: premiumbeat.com/blog

3. Indie Film Hustle

Any inspiring indie filmmakers in 2020 should subscribe to the Indie Film Hustle Blog. Here you will learn the underground secrets if the indie film industry. They cover everything from the basics and give tricks on how to hack your indie filmmaking. Learn the 5 tricks of filmmaking, read up on the latest Oscar news, and learn new facts about your favorite movies, like The Shining and Star Wars you never knew. 

Upload Frequency: 1 post per day

Link: indiefilmhustle.com/blog-3

4. Y.M. Cinema Magazine

This publication was born to provide filmmaking knowledge that is informative, simple, and fun to read. Y.M. Cinema is the place for professional digital filmmakers to get current news and insights in the field and serves as a forum to post, engage with other users, and educate. Y.M. Cinema got its start an Israeli based film school, founded by Yossy Mendelovich. He is still the leading contributor of the Y.M. Cinema blog. He gives lectures about the art of filmmaking, offers advice, and specializes mostly in action sports cinematography. His own independent films have been recognized globally. Learn everything this film genius is willing to share, stay up to date on the latest film festival news. 

Upload Frequency: 1 post per day

Link: ymcinema.com

5. Filmmaker IQ

This is another excellent resource for filmmakers to learn from people who have experience in the industry. This site covers it all in their collection of videos, articles, forums, and expert blog posts. Learn about all areas of the industry from the latest tech advances, techniques, to writing setups, and script advice. The Filmmaker IQ blog prides itself on being a community where filmmakers from all around the world come to learn more about their craft. Well respected filmmakers mostly write the articles. Filmmaker IQ also has a YouTube channel and posts video essays. Don’t worry, the blog isn’t just technical; they also cover light-hearted topics like the history of movie popcorn. Even though they don’t upload every day, be sure to sign up to never miss a new post from Filmmaker IQ, we promise you it’s worth waiting for. 

Upload Frequency: 1 post per month

Link: filmmakeriq.com

6. IndieWire

Turn to IndieWire once you’ve got the technical side of things covered. Any filmmaker young or old, should stay on top of industry-related news. IndieWire is your outlet for all the latest news, reviews, advice, and more. They do cater more toward indie related film news, aiming to be the leading news and networking site for indie filmmakers. Don’t have time to sit down to read a blog, or just can’t get enough? IndieWire also has an informative podcast, regular newsletter, and a free filmmaker’s toolkit. They are extremely dedicated and passionate about trying to provide free resources and tools for filmmakers. 

Upload Frequency: 19 posts per day

Link: indiewire.com

7. RedShark News

RedShark is continuously pumping out useful content for seasoned and aspiring filmmakers. With over 50 contributors worldwide, they are always on top of the latest news and are sure to report the newest information regarding everything in the industry. RedShark isn’t just a news and production advice blog. This multiplatform online publication is for anyone with an interest in the craft. Learn everything from post-production tips to VFX-related articles. RedShark uploads often, so be sure to check back everyday for new useful tips, tools, and tricks. 

Upload Frequency: 3 posts per day

Link: RedShark News

8. Filmmaker Magazine

With print magazines slowly becoming a thing of the past, Filmmaker Magazine is the digital copy every filmmaker needs. Filmmaker Magazine covers the entire realm of the film and content creation industry. They keep up to date with the ever-changing nature of the field and offer links, articles, news stories, and resources for filmmakers to use at their discretion. Many independent filmmakers turn to Filmmaker Magazine to learn all kinds of DIY filming hacks, read film festival reviews, and stay up to date on cinema camera news. If you’re looking to stay in the know, trust Filmmaker Magazine to be on top of the ever-changing nature of the film industry. They upload frequently so you’re going to want to stay on top to never miss an ounce of useful info. 

Upload Frequency: 4 posts per day

Link: filmmakermagazine.com

9. Wipster

Wipster is an incredible resource for freelance filmmakers. Anyone in the freelance game understands the trials and tribulations that come along with freelancing. Use Wipster to learn how to hire people to help with your film projects, how to pitch a video idea, get writing help, and so much more. Wipster is the first step in getting your video production career off the ground, and keeping it successful once you’ve gained traction. They have blog posts dedicated to creators and markers, as well as posts solely devoted to education, entertainment, inspiration, stories, and products, all within the filmmaking industry. 

Upload Frequency: 2 posts per month

Link: wipster.com

10. Reddit | Filmmakers

If you’re used to consuming content on the internet, chances are you’ve heard of Reddit. The Reddit platform sees 330 million monthly active users. Within this massive pool of content is the Reddit Filmmakers subsection. This is the place where filmmakers can meet, share tips, ask questions, look up tutorials, and share their experiences in the field. It’s much more of a community than the other blogs on the list. Reddit can be beneficial for amateur and professional filmmakers alike to discuss all the ins and outs of the world of filmmaking. Anyone can post on Reddit, as long as they’re a registered member. Students can ask questions, newbies can seek advice, and pros can offer their wisdom all on one platform. The subjects here are always different, so it’s best to check back frequently so you don’t miss out. 

Upload Frequency: 30 posts per day

Link: reddit.com/r/Filmmakers

The websites above offer some of the best filmmaking blogs on the web. With thousands to choose from, we looked at the blogs that drive the best traffic, rank highest by relevance, have an active social engagement, and offer useful, high-quality information for content creators. Check these blogs frequently always to be inspired, empowered, and continue your filmmaking education. We never stop learning, especially when it comes to the fast-paced nature of the filmmaking industry, will you keep up?