Creating a high-end commercial look in Davinci Resolve

In collaboration with Youtuber AramK, we bring you a series of Davinci Resolve 16 tutorials to help you get your next video project off the ground.

Creating a High-End Commercial Look

In our connected world, we all receive more information than we can consume. Our attention has become a commodity in its own right. Anyone who wants to capture attention must stand out. This means providing interesting and engaging material.  

Sometimes a commercial is so memorable, that it will go viral without even needing a good color grade. As for the rest, they have to rely on quality. A good color grade will make the video stand out and keep the audience engaged. Consider commercials by major brands like Coca-Cola, Red Bull, and Nike. Not only do they have an engaging message – they also have a very distinct style and visual quality.

In our previous tutorials, we discussed using LUTs, color space, and exposure. Let’s see how we can combine these techniques to create the look of a high-value production. In today’s tutorial, Youtuber AramK demonstrates how to make your footage stand out 

Looking for a particular topic?

  • Settings (1:10)
  • Converting to Rec709 with a LUT (1:18)
  • Adjusting the temperature using the Vector Scope (1:35)
  • White Balance (1:50)
  • Preparing for and applying the soft light effect (2:05)
  • Boosting gain for extra contrast (3:11)
  • Glow effect (3:22)
  • Balancing the blacks (3:49)
  • Noise reduction (4:16)
  • Film grain (4:48)
  • Viewing the result (5:41)

Getting great footage on a budget or you don’t have a camera

All successful video projects take planning, a clear vision, and good camerawork. This applies at least as much if not more when making a commercial. 

Getting great footage when your budget is limited or you don’t have a camera

Perhaps you don’t have the time or budget to film your footage on your own. Perhaps you don’t have access to a good camera. Don’t let that stop you!

It’s quite common to make commercials from stock footage – especially if they are for online marketing. The trick is to edit and color grade the stock footage so it blends in seamlessly with your footage. 

There are plenty of stock footage sites online, but not all footage lends itself well to color grading. The best footage for use in commercials meet the following requirements:

  • The footage is high resolution, 
  • It has a relatively flat color profile 
  • It was filmed with a camera with good dynamic range. 

Footage that meets these requirements can be readily color graded to match your desired look and feel.

If you’re looking for great footage, then stock video from Rawfilm is a great place to start. Rawfilm only offers footage produced with authentic RED cinema cameras. All videos are available in resolutions up to 8K and come with or without color grading.

Sign up to Rawfilm for cinematic stock footage you can use for your Davinci Resolve project!

We’ll see you next week with another Davinci Resolve tutorial!