How to remove a moving object in the color grading space in Davinci 16

In collaboration with Youtuber AramK, we bring you a series of Davinci Resolve 16 tutorials to help you get your video project off the ground.

Testing the object remove tool in Davinci Resolve 16

Object removal is one of the most common post-production tasks. It is often necessary to remove wires, boom mics and other things that don’t belong in your footage. 

In the past, removing unwanted objects required time-consuming, painstaking methods. The objects could be masked, painted over frame-by-frame or rotoscoped. Digital compositing software has made the process easier and faster over the years. Davinci Resolve contains it’s own compositing workspace – Fusion – where you do this kind of effect.  

In Davinci Resolve 16 you can now remove objects from within the color grading workspace. Along with Adobe, Blackmagic Design is working to make object removal quick and easy.

As it is new, the object removal feature is not perfect, but for simple object removals, it can be a time-saver. For more complex object removals, you will still need to do rotoscoping in Fusion. 

In today’s tutorial, Youtuber AramK shows us how to remove unwanted objects from within the color grading workspace.

Looking for a particular topic?

  • Limits of this type of object removal (1:02)
  • Cutting the footage (1:17)
  • Tracking (1:31)
  • Removal (2:51)
  • What to keep in mind when removing objects in the color grading space (3:54)

Testing advanced object removal

In the previous video, we kept things simple by only tracking a single object. Now we’ll do a more complex object removal with the same tool in Davinci Resolve. We’ll also look at a very basic workflow in Mocha. Mocha is dedicated software for advanced tracking and tracked effects. These effects include object removal, image stabilization, and advanced rotoscoping.

Neither of the examples will use advanced techniques for masking or rotoscoping. That will have to be a topic for a future tutorial. 

In this video, Youtuber AramK tests the limits of the object removal tool in Davinci Resolve 16:

Looking for a particular topic?

  • What is Mocha? (0:44)
  • Tracking the background (Mocha) (2:08)
  • Tracking the hiker (Mocha) (4:16)
  • Removal using default values (Mocha) (7:48)
  • Viewing the results (Mocha) (9:33)
  • Tracking the hiker (Davinci Resolve) (10:24)
  • Removing the hiker (Davinci Resolve) (12:48)
  • Viewing the results (Davinci Resolve) (13:29)

Key takeaways

Davinci Resolve is pioneering a new generation of object removal tools. There’s room for improvement, but the tool has potential. Currently, the solution works for small-scale projects and simple scenes. For more complex object removal, you will still need to use the compositing workspace – Fusion. With further improvements, the tool could speed up workflows and save time. 

The footage for today’s tutorial was provided by Rawfilm. Rawfilm is a website that provides cinematic stock footage filmed with authentic RED cameras. Their videos are available with or without color grading. Members get access to free sample videos at 5K and 8K resolutions.

Sign up to RawFilm for cinematic stock footage you can use for your Davinci Resolve project!

We’ll see you next week with another Davinci Resolve tutorial!